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I had tried to get help from many dermatologists for my skin discolouration but it seemed every treatment they gave me didnt work and after a long time of wasting lots of money 

i finally found The laser skin specialist 

at first i thought it was going to be like all the other treatments and products i had tried 

but after a month of using the products and doing the treatments they had recommended 

i started seeing a major difference and people also started to notice that the darker patches of my face had gone lighter . After 3 months i was really happy with the results ,the treatments worked very well and now i got perfectly even and bright skin .



i started the soprano laser treatments 2 years ago and completed 6 treatments with no visible difference or reduction to my hair growth.i then progressed to another clinic where i did 6 ipl treatments with no difference once again.i by chance came across the laser skin specialist and decided to give it a last is now my 4th treatment and i have noticed a huge reduction in the hair very happy with my results and would definitely recommend others to come to the laser skin specialist.



i started laser treatments on my chin and upper lip area 2 years ago using the light sheer laser, with this laser treatment i found my skin to be very sensitive and have a burning sensation afterwards. I used to scab on every session that i had, and the scaring caused dark and unattractive marks which i had to walk around with for weeks. I also found that when the hair grew out it was a bit rough until a week later after i used a scrub, thereafter the hair grew less often and more fine. I am currently using the Adena laser and this is now my 3rd session with amazing results. My skin looks and feels much better afterwards and the hair growth is much less, very fine, and the best part is that i don't have ugly scars as a result of the laser. I currently laser half my face and have no issues. I am very happy with the treatments that i currently receive and highly recommend this laser specialist.  



 Love the results! hair growth is much less than before. i do recommend it to others.



absolutely fantastic results NAS offers excellent service and individual private customer service highly recommended 




the laser skin specialist is a clinic i would definitely recommend . The customer service is excellent . Azraa and Naseera are always so warm and helpful in trying to provide solutions for skincare problems . 

I have done laser hair removal on my side burns and upper late and noticed a significant difference as the hair became very thin and sparse . 

i have also battled with hormonal acne aand the laser skin specialist have come to my rescue many times ,providing me with high quality products that help improve my skin condition with visible results .

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