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About the Founder/owner 

The Laser Skin Specialist - Naseera Essak

A UK qualified skin and laser specialist with 18+ years experience, collectively,  in the industry. 

 founder of the laser skin specialist whose greatest passion is advanced skincare technology combined with result driven skin transformations .

" I travelled and trained globally, from France to the UK ,during my research, to attain the latest and greatest equipment, currently offered in my practise.

i am constantly researching and evolving my clinic to bring you the consumer, the latest innovations, to meet your quest to achieve flawless skin.

The passion follows on as now the only clinic that is proudly still managed by family you'll very easily get the chance to get treated by azraa or sabiha Essak with 6+years of experience we carry on the legacy of helping so many people acheive what they want in slimming or laser hair removal or even better skin correction & of course the beneficial route with glutathione .


Find the internationally advanced treatment you need    

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Fat Melting & Body Sculpting injections 

Gets rid of all unwanted fatty areas (double chin,arms,thighs,knee fat,stomach,love handles, bra fat & more)

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Painless Advanced Laser Hair Removal 

Safe and effective  for all skin tones & types 

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A Microneedling Session like no other 

targets acne, pigmentation,acne scars,marks,ageing & dull skin at once  

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Book a consultation

Consultation fee R200

Simply Fill in our contact form or call in

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The only Skin Peel you need - The makeover Green Peel 

peels of literally all damages and skin concerns and gives a anti-ageing and glow end 

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Glutathione From Switzerland 

Available in 

Clears all skin concerns at once ,has plenty health benefits & gives a everlasting glow

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