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As we all know glutathione is available in different forms such as injections , patches or tablets .

All these options do give you results the only thing that sets each one apart is the absorption rate and required time to see results .

the glutathione injection has a high dosage of glutathione thats injected at once with no pain at all so these results are quite immediate .. beginning with brightening by the same evening. 

for whitening it does take about 10plus  injections followed by maintaining .


What is glutathione & its benefits ?

Glutathione is the body’s most powerful antioxidant, unknown by most. It is popular when used as a way to help whiten skin though. Glutathione skin whitening is growing in popularity, helping people achieve the skin pigmentation they desire with no harmful side effects when taken in proper dosages.

but thats actually not all, glutathione does a lot more then just whitening .

whitening is a very important benefit of the glutathione but that happens over a period of time.. There are plenty more benefits that come by using glutathione such as                               

*Overall Skin Brightening

*Evens out the skin tone  

*Controls Pigmentation 

*Assists with controlling acne

*Plays a major role for anti-ageing 

*levels the bodies PH 

*Can also a reverse Skin Tan 

*An antioxidant for the body 

*increases energy levels 

*Controls eczema 


Fact 💁🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️💉 your flawless shot
All ready for the week !!! Glutathione &
Does it ever get old _ 👀 if you know it

The Flawless shot/Drip contains 3000mg of glutathione & Vitamin C , nac & zinc .

 The ultimate shot / Drip contains 5000mg of glutathione & Vitamin C , zinc , nac & a full dose of B12 



Its benefits just got boosted & results are overnight to 3 days ! 


  • clears acne 

  • Lightens pigmentation 

  • Mega energy boost

  • Brighter skin 

  • Lightens marks 

  • Reverses sunburn 

  • Strengthens the Immune 

  • Detoxing 

  • Strengthens hair and nails 

  • Contains B12 


There is plenty more benefits but thats the main brag . 

No side effects 

Not for the Pregnant ladies please 

Difference between IV Drips & Im Injections

IV infusions allow a set amount of medication to be administered in a controlled manner over a period of time. Intramuscular (IM) injections. IM injections are given deep into a muscle where the medication is then absorbed quickly by surrounding blood vessels.

It is the fastest and most certain and controlled way. It bypasses absorption barriers and first-pass metabolism. It is used when a

rapid effect is required, continuous administraction and large volumes

Which route is faster IM or IV?

Does IM last Longer than IV?

Muscles are very vascular structures, and IM absorption occurs by drug diffusion from interstitial fluid and capillary membranes into plasma, and so onset of action is longer than IV injection.

Is intravenous and intramuscular the same?

IV, or intravenous, injections are administered into the bloodstream either by a syringe or by a low pressure method known as a drip. The intramuscular shots are administered into the muscle, not the vein. Your muscles have a greater number of blood vessels that are also larger than the subcutaneous tissue.

Ultimate Shot - R700
Flawless Shot - R500


 Ultimate Drip - R1000
Flawless Drip - R1500


Its finally back in stock our glutathione injections 💃🏻😁 _Absolutely safe to use _in cl
so as we know what the flawless shot is
The Makeover GlutaShe R900 ( includes a complimentary vit c ) 

The Make over Glutathione and Vitamin C capsules- R600.00  for 30 capsules of vita&gluta



Now advanced with zinc , collagen , pearl extract n nac

Each capsule contains 1000mg of pure glutathione & 1000mg of pure Vitamin C .

Halaal / FDA approved - imported from switzerland


The Main Major Benefits 

  • It gets rid of discolouration all over the body (knees , underarms, thighs , elbows , knuckles and toes ) 

  • Its one of the only ways that can actually get rid of Dark Circles , bags 

  • Its steady intake gets rid of pigmentation even if its hormonal 

  • It gets rid of acne marks and keeps acne away 

  • Its a good immune & energy booster 

  • Its a Major anti-oxidant


Besides all the plenty benefits it has to offer you there is also no side effects , so its safe for almost everyone .

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 11.07.41 AM.png


A breakthrough Glutathione + Made specifically for common female concerns by the laser skin specialist (made in Switzerland ) 💗

Features : Cell regeneration and reform with  ingredient (Alpine Rose stem cells extracts ) combined with more than 16 kinds

of best & natural herb extracts to help your skin glow, Brighten , Whiten leaving you looking healthier within 7-10 days . 

Our GlutaShe is rejuvenating, refreshing, youthful, reduces acne, freckles, skin and is a brilliant way to tighten the skin & bust. 

Our GlutaShe is also very helpful for menstruation and restores a healthy uterus . Our GlutaShe Restores healthy skin cells from the inside out.

Rose extract has been recognized around the world to work best for skin / cell regeneration in cosmetics and dietary supplements.

L-Glutathione: a innovate vitamin, glutathione is a great miracle substance for the body. 

Helps with boosting immunity, Removes toxic free radicals and also builds & repairs skin cells , Reduces the pigment melanin.

Also contains Collagen: a natural protein thats helps your skin to tighten, firm up , moisturises , increase skin density(a healthy amount of collagen and protein for strong/firm skin ) ,reduces wrinkles & flabby tummy. Is also Calcium-fortified to help with hair, bones and nails.

The glutashe reduces acne, freckles and dark spots. gets rid of  bad breath , body odor & v smell.

Ingredient (Barbed grass): v tightening ,increases flexibility , fit & firm & healthy womb.

Mimusops : stimulates blood circulation.

Ginger: promotes immunity and a normal menstrual cycle.

Red pomegranate seeds: Features bright glowing skin .

Anti-oxidants : Slowing down ageing & Menopause hormones. 

Titanium dioxide: natural sunblock/prevention from sunburn .

Korean Ginseng: skin rejuvenating and antiaging properties better body Circulation (pumps blood better) 

Grape Seed Extract & Pine Bark.Vitamin C Anti-oxidants & helps Build collagen , 

Inhibits melanin production ,Complements the work of glutathione in the body . 

Clearer &  whiter  skin

Not advisable for children and pregnant women.

How to Take:  daily 1/2 capsules before sleep.

For those who have a womb problem , 

during the first week there may be a v discharge or odor however do not worry

because the body has to detox toxins out.

Eliminates residues inside the uterus to clean the body & return it to good health . 

The result proof as … 

3 days : you will smell fresher 

5-7 days : reduction in body , V & underarms smell . 

15 days : body & tummy will start to tighten & notice smoother skin . 

30 days : heal women disorder, reduce melasma , also Skin brightening / whitening. 

Also helps cysts, pcos, a clean & clear womb, helps women hormones balance, improves  and heals golden age hormones.


 Illuminate Glutathione Anti-Aging and Whitening Patches - R500 box of 30 

About the patch and its benefits 


This glutathione patch from the US  in skincare, offering the same benefits of a glutathione injection/tablets—minus the pain or the hassle and the health risks.

The Illuminate Glutathione Anti-Aging and Whitening patches introduces this Glutathione Patch, an easy-to-use transdermal patch that effectively and safely increases glutathione levels in the body to detoxify, reduce free radicals, strengthen the immune system, and ultimately bring out a brighter, healthier complexion. The first of its kind in the World, this breakthrough technology delivers 250mg of glutathione and 250mg of vitamin C to the body with an absorption rate of 95%.

One patch worn At least 8 hours every day for 90 days is recommended for significant anti-aging and whitening benefits, but some results may be experienced in as fast as few weeks. Signs of elevated levels of glutathione after the first week’s use include improvements in energy levels, skin brightening, and a visible glow all over.


*Highest absorption rate without health risks

*Safe,easy & painfree 

*Brought to you by an advanced skin care specialist 





*Results seen in as little as 2 weeks 

*For anti-ageing - 2 patches a week 

*For clearing acne & brightening pigmentation - 1 patch a day for 2 months then maintain with 2 patches a week

*For skin whitening -1 patch a day for 4-6 months then maintain with 2 patches a week