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lipo fat shots -R150.00 PER INJECTION 


LIPOLYSIS FAT INJECTIONSaesthetic solutions brings you the latest in slimming technology. This remarkable treatment is gentle, quick, easy, virtually pain free, non surgical and delivers astounding results.ABOUT LIPO-ZONE LIPOLYSIS FAT INJECTIONSWhat sounds like a dream, is in fact a fascinating idea that was first tried out in 1988 by an Italian professor, Sergio Maggiori, and then successfully tested in practice in 1995 by the Brazilian dermatologist Patricia Rittes. Doctors have been using it for years to break down cholesterol before operations, the substance is injected into stubborn fat deposits to break it down, today it is used to reshape and sculpt the body.QUALIFYING CANDIDATES The treatment with out a doubt has revolutionised the field of Medical Cosmetic contouring rendered by medical doctors around the world, it is ideal for patients who have lost a tremendous amount of weight and now has what we call ''extra skin'', this patient would perhaps sort after the services of a plastic surgeon to help remove unsightly skin, the patient is required to fit the bill of recovery period at a hospital or day clinic and much down time needs for full recovery. Other qualifying candidates would be post pregnancy weight loss mums or simply those that have a bulge here and there who would consider non surgical liposuction and inconvience themselves to accomodate time consuming laser lipo sessions, at our practice we have now made such a treatment available to you non-invasively.TREATMENT PROTOCOLThe treatment protocol is meant to contour the body according to your specifications and budget. The  method  involves  injecting  phosphatidylcholine (PPC), a natural substance, directly into the unwanted deposit of fat. The same substance, in the same chemical composition, is also produced naturally by the body. In other words, this therapy can help you to get rid of fat deposits that are susceptible neither to change in diet nor special exercise  and  not just temporarily, but permanently. In  general, injection lipolysis therapy is designed to break down stubborn fat such as stomach fat rolls, love handles, thighs, upper arms, double chins, ankles and or any other identified areas.This revolutionary treatment causes hard fat to be converted to soft fat and then finally liquidised. An additional advantage of our slimming injection is that it contains a cocktail that naturally aids in the removal of the now liquidised  fat  allowing  your body  to be  completely  rid  of  the  fat.


laser lipolysis

laser lipo only-R300.00

10 sessions @ R2000.00

laser lipo is only available at our durban clinic

The Diode lipo laser machines are low level laser systems. This type of machines have been used for over a decade by physiotherapists on sport injuries and to assist the body to heal itself. So the technology is thoroughly tested and is safe with no negative side-effects.

This laser lipo procedure is designed to reduce levels of unwanted fat without surgery.
The laser penetrates through the skin to the 3rde layer (the Hypodermis).
The Laser then distorts the cellular membranes then Glycerol, water and free fatty acids emerge from the cells. 
The fat cells reduce in size and the lymphatic system then removes the fatty liquids through the venous system.
The body needs to get the released liquids out through heat or energy in 24 hours (otherwise it will just go back in to the fat cells again).
With one treatment the Diode lipo laser machine takes about 425 calories out of your fat cells

Not only is the laser lipo procedure safe but quick, pain-free and healthy.
You can do any part of your body, buttocks, arms, upper and lower back, inner and outer thighs etc. 
We don't do women's breasts.

If clients eat sensibly and regularly, combined with exercise, the body shape will retain the effects of the laser lipo treatment.
Straight after the laser lipo treatment it is compulsory that every person does 10 to 20 minutes of exercise.
You can do exercise on our power plate machine or on the treadmill we have at the clinic.
If you can't or don't want to exercise you can go for a beauty bed treatment.
After the treatment you need to drink lots of water and be careful of the portions you eat.

One treatment is 30 minutes.
You can do 1 laser lipo treatment a week.
For the best results a course of 18 treatments is normally required.